We LOVE awarding scholarships to current A&M students! Currently, you must be enrolled at Texas A&M and have your application on file with the Financial Aid office. Our committee is sent applications based on criteria that is given to the Financial Aid office. It is a blind selection, no personal information is seen by the members. Our scholarship committee will rank those applicants based on a separate criteria list and the recipients will be contacted by the 12th MKOT Foundation. Recipients are recognized at our annual fall scholarship dinner.


Past Awards

2014 ($22,500): Joey Beasley, Matthew Corzi, TJ Enrique, Sarah Shaw and Courtney Smith
2013 ($20,000): Erin Ullrich, Bethany Joseph, Nellie Onwonga and Andrew Owen
2011 ($20,000): Jason Aston, Sigrid Debner, Emily Jaroszewski, John Mcgraw and Cody Ryan
2010 ($12,000): Cara Gray, Rebekah Grmela and Ashley Houghtaling
2009 ($3,000): Madeline Cosgrove
2008 ($12,000): Brittany Button