In 2007, Coach Jackie Sherrill created the 12th Man Kickoff Team (12thMKOT) Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to Texas A&M University students based on need. The 12th Man Kickoff Team Foundation is comprised of more than 80 former Texas A&M University football players, some of whom serve on the Foundation’s board along with Coach Jackie Sherrill, Dr. John J. Koldus and others. These players along with Coach Sherrill are the creators of the book “No Experience Required” that chronicles the 12th Man Kickoff Team. The 12thMKOT Foundation is focused on creating a legacy of sharing, of caring, and of giving back.

Mission Statement

The mission of the 12th Man Kickoff Team Foundation is:

  • To provide scholarships to students attending Texas A&M University in need of not only financial assistance
    but also need someone to believe in their abilities to thrive and become a success given the opportunity.
  • To provide encouragement to children within the Aggie Family that are sick, injured, or in financial need.
  • To illustrate that desire can overcome any obstacle, persistence is the path to success, and belief in
    your own abilities is all that matters in life.

                                                           Our Board Members

Coach Jackie Sherrill

Executive Committee:
President:  Vince Palasota ’89
1st VP / Treasurer:  Dennis Mudd ’85
Secretary: R. Sean Page ’87

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Warren Barhorst ’88
Vice Chairman: Dan Leyendecker ’90
Ray Barrett
Dana Batiste
Dean Berry ’87
Louis Cheek ’87
Ronnie Glenn ’88
Dr. John Koldus
Roy Kokemoor ’69
Ike Liles ’84
Barry Stevens ’83
Billy Pickard (Deceased)
Mark Wurzbach ’87

Endowment Fund Committee
Director: Dennis Mudd ’85

David Coolidge ’87
Dennis Mudd ’85
R. Sean Page ’87
Vince Palasota
Warren Barhorst ’88

Vice President of Operations: Adrian Trejo ’08

Committee Chairs:

Scholarships: Garry Sorrell
Honorary 12th Man : Charles “Bubba” Hilje
Finance Committee: Dennis Mudd ’85
CPA Firm Representative: Robbie Bates
Marketing Committee: Vince Palasota
Membership: Scott Wells ’97
Advisory Board: John Mayfield ’58